Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Miracle for MaDea's Day!

Allurez Mother's Day Sale
Mother, Mom, Mama, Ma.  If you have children, you have heard at least one form of these words many, many times. But if you have a grandmother or great-grandmother  in your family, you more than likely call her your "Madea."  A term coined a long while ago, that combines mother + dear to equal Madea!  Now, thanks to the talented writer and director, Tyler Perry, our loving Madea are famous all over the world! All we have to do is ensure she is happy on Madea's Day.

Mother's Day will be on May 11th this year, so you still have plenty of time to make sure that Madea receives something that will make her very happy on that special day.  Now Tyler Perry's Madea is quite a number and there is no telling what she wants or needs for Mother's Day!  Probably some duct tape to keep her quiet for a while and rest her precious voice on that day.  However, our sweet Madea deserves to receive everything that she so desires.  After years of taking care of us with loving care and teaching us everything they know and more (Mother's Wit), there is nothing we wouldn't do for our Madea.  Am I right, or am I right?

Now flowers are always a good choice.  Madea  has a Green Thumb due to her nurturing nature. Presenting her with an Aero Garden would be perfect. Here's one bonus of giving and growing your own flowers.
 Let me share this bit of wisdom with you. The modern day Madea  is former a baby boomer and you know what they say about boomers.  Boomers will not take getting older lying down. 

 Today's Madea likes to keep it moving, keep it grooving and keep their stride alive!  We own gym memberships, go to the casinos, like to dance, go fishing, take long trips throughout the county, etc.  I could go on and on.  You know what I mean.  Just take a look at your Madea.  Am I right or am I right?

Allurez Mother's Day Sale
Instead of getting Madea another nick knack or another kitchen gadget she cannot operate....Give her A Miracle - Something that Tyler Perry's Madea would love....A trip to Vegas, Busch Gardens, Virginia Beach or even King Dominion.  Who do you think broke those roller coasters in back in the day?  Madea did and she probably put you on your first ride at the theme park too!  

Better yet, how about a new outfit from Liz Claiborne, Gloria Vanderbilt, Macy's?  A brand new bracelet adds a sparkle to any occasion. I mean something really stylish and sophisticated.  Madea is getting better just like a good bottle of wine.  Just ask her, she would be proud to show it!  Give your Madea the best ever Madea's Day this year!

Happy Madea's Day 
To each and every Mother on the Planet!
Get Your MaDea a Miracle-Gro today!