Thursday, February 14, 2013

OIALT..........Once In a Life Time

                                           Mostly never!

Now don't get me wrong, I have had quite a few bouts with love myself.  As a matter of fact I am in my Once in a Life Time (OIALT) stage right now.  Even when I thought I was in Love before, at least three times before, it was a sham. The first thing that caused us any grief, caused us to split up. Some kind of Love, huh? Well, like I  said, I'm in my OIALT stage. That's what makes me an expert at recognizing what type of relationship others share as I watch couple after couple, Love and Lose!   

The one entity that I really appreciated while observing this dilemma was Ocie and Mochie. Well, don't get off on these two unique names because the people behind them are just as unique. First of all, its Ocie not O.C. And....Mochie is actually Sylvia. You didn't hear it from me! So any time you hear the name, rumors, whispers and/or see the initials of O.C. and Sylvia you will already know about the Legacy they are leaving behind for so many of us to follow. 

And This is their story.........  

When I first met Ocie, he was a very handsome, young man. A teenager as a matter of fact. Unfortunately for me that made it hard for us to communicate. You see he was trying to date "my" sister, Mochie. That would have been alright if they were going to the movies or something like that. No, that was not the case. Ocie just wanted to be with Mochie. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyplace, any hour, any circumstance. Are there any more any's?

Sometimes I would awake in the middle of the night to get a drink or something and would find them still up, hanging in the hallway, still saying goodnight! Yes, I would run him off and make Mochie come in the house....but the very next day and all that night, the same thing would happen. I don't care how many times I sent him away, or in what manner I sent him away, (like yelling and cursing, and generally just rude), Ocie would be back the next day to continue his courtship of Mochie.

Eventually, we realized that this was going to be, so we watched their love blossom. Everywhere I went during the next couple of years, I would read signs that said: Mochie and Ocie Always, or Mochie and Ocie Forever, or Ocie and Mochie 2gather4ever. This graffiti was everywhere, in the hallways, on the sidewalks, on the buses, in the schools, under the tables, on the back of chairs, everywhere in our immediate vicinity. So if you lived anywhere in our City of Rochester, you have already seen it!

So Ocie pursued Mochie  and she took the bait. They were eventually married a few years later, see that boy Ocie was serious. They had a very precious little girl. Then a precious little boy, and then another little girl, and another. A little Ocie running around, and a lot of little Mochies running around. And to top that off, I heard that there are at least eleven grands and counting....

Well, I'll leave it at that until our next family reunion because Ocie and Mochie definitely started something and it will never end.
 You see True Love comes: 

"Once In A Life Time!!!"  but last FOREVER!

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